- I was born on November 8th 1931 on Solar de Lamas, Vieira do Minho, residency of my parents. Later somedays, i went to live with my grandparents because my father was a judge and a Land Registry Registrar, what didn't allowed him to have a permanent residency. I studied since elementary scholl until 7th grade (which is now currently the 12th grade) in Guimarães. Since my parents didn't want me to follow Art School, at the age of 17 i went to lisbon and as I was excellent drawing, I was able to sell all the works that I did and with that money i was able to pay for my studies at the Escola Superior de Belas Artes in Lisbon, the food and the stay at the Pensão do Chiado. From 1957 to 1961, i was a Designer for many press shop companies in the silk sector for high seam. From 1961 to 1974, i was invited to have a job as a Professor in Escola Comercial e Industrial Francisco de holand in Guimarães. I was the only professor in Portugal that enriched the heritage of a school with panels of the Kings and characters of the State, to imbue in the students' spirit the cultivation of culture. These works were painted free of charge at the Director's request because none of his colleagues knew how to draw hands and faces, as well as the interpretation of the psychological anatomy. From 1974 to 1980 he was forced to take refuge in Spain because in 1974 he was attacked and insulted by some colleagues because he painted Prof. Doctor António de Oliveira Salazar and the members of the government at the time. All his work is marked by the fusion of emotion, fulfillment, originality, and sense of creation, thus becoming a bitter environment but at the same time magical to the eyes of those who contemplate it. In the opinion of several Portuguese and foreign art critics (César Príncipe, Sérgio Mourão, José Gomes Ferreira, Francisco Pablos, José Alvarez, Pierre Lazareff, Arturo Paloma, etc ...) is considered the greatest interpreter of gypsy life in the world, these opinions that are written in several books in Portugal and in the Foreigner, this opinion by diverse collectors.