"For the second time Mestre Adelino Ângelo is recognized in 93 countries as one of the greatest painters in the world." Luis Longueira / Spanish Press

"We are faced with an artistic phenomenon: Adelino Ângelo represents a providential figurative transcendence that leads him to the throne of the geniuses of our time." Dr. Barroso da Fonte / Director of the Paço dos Duques de Bragança - Year 1990 and Master in Portuguese Culture

"Whether they want it or not, we have to accept: Adelino Ângelo is the best painter in Europe within the figurative" Isaura C. dos Santos / Journalist and Writer

"Adelino Angelo, one of the purest and most categorized portrait painters in Europe." Pierre Lazareff / Director of France-Soir

"Portugal is too small for the size of the artist Adelino Ângelo." Jornal de Notícias-Porto / César Príncipe Writer / Critic of Art

"His art is precisely the desire for transformation of the world (...)" Nuno Pereira Pinto / Lawyer, Writer and Poet

"Names as prestigious in the world of Spanish painting as Velazques, Goya or Sorolla were related to the name of the Portuguese painter Adelino Ângelo." Sónia Torres / Jornal La Región

"The structure of Adelino Ângelo is that of a painter who ascends on his own merit to the forefront of Portuguese painting." Sérgio Mourão / Writer / Critic of Art

"Only Adelino Ângelo is what managed to be like the Spanish Sorolla and Bastyda in the light - Adelino Ângelo was a kind of El Greco in the life of the crazy ones." J. Figueira Valverde / Historian / Director of the World of Pontevedra

"Adelino Ângelo, one of the most relevant personalities of figurative painting at the moment in Europe." From the Foreign Press

"... The most fortunate painter of portrait and of the gypsy life, that the world knew" José Alvarez / Real Academia Española

"... In Portugal, Adelino Ângelo is the best interpreter of the gypsy life." Jaime Ferreira / Writer / Critic of Art