Books published on Adelino | New Releases:

- "The Painter Adelino Ângelo" by A. Garibaldi (From the Academy Ideale del Poeti d 'Italy), in 1965

- "Adelino Ângelo - Artist Arises Artist! is not done .... ", by Isaura Correia dos Santos (Professor, Journalist, Writer and Art Critic) in 1975

- "50 Years of Painting Adelino Ângelo", by Dr. Carlos Camposa, Prof. Doctor Aurélio

- Fernando, Jaime Ferreira and Sérgio Mourão, preface by Pierre Lazareff, Director of FranceSoir in 1987

"Collection of XX Postcards Illustrated", by Álvaro Jorge (Editor), on 08-08-1989

- "Iconography works on Abandonment" (work on the paintings that are stored in the attic of the Francisco de Holanda School in Guimarães), by Dr. Carlos Camposa (Lawyer and Writer) in 1991

- "Life and Work - Adelino Ângelo", by Sérgio Mourão (Journalist and Critic of Art), in 1992

- "Valverde" (Director of the Ponte Vedra Museum in Spain), in 1994

- "Homage of Portugal to Mestre Adelino Ângelo", by Álvaro Jorge (Editor), in 1997

- "Art and magic in the Drawings and in the Works of Master Adelino Ângelo", by J. Figueira

- "The Other Face of Master Adelino Ângelo", By Prof. Doctor Barroso da Fonte (Master in Portuguese Culture and Director of the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança), in 1998

- "Work and Unpublished I", by Sérgio Mourão (Journalist and Critic of Art), on May 23, 2003

- "Work and Unpublished Works II", by Sérgio Mourão (Journalist and Critic of Art), in February 2004

- "Folder with 16 Pencil Drawings", by Creative Strategies, in December 2007

- "The Personal Brush" by Maria Antónia Jardim, in October 2010

- "Casa Museu Adelino Ângelo", by Francisco Pablo (Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Spain, Prof. and Critic of Art)

- "Adelino Angelo Museum", by Prof. Doctor Fernando António Baptista Pereira (Researcher the Municipal Museums of Setúbal by protocol signed with the Foundation of the University of Lisbon and Prof. Doctor of the Superior School of Fine Arts)

- "Biography of Master Adelino Ângelo"

- "Poems and Dedications made to Master Adelino Ângelo", by Dr. António Nova (Literary Critic and Art)

-1992 Launch of the book «Life and Work of Adelino Ângelo», Paço dos Duques de Bragança in Guimarães, December 1

-2003 Launch of the book «Work and Unpublished» 1st Edition at the Nogueira da Silva Museum in Braga, Portugal, on 20 May

-2004 Launch of the book «Work and Unpublished by Adelino Ângelo» 1st Edition at the Lello Bookstore in Porto, Portugal, on April 23rd

-2004 Launch of the book «Work and Unpublished by Adelino Ângelo» 1st Edition Porto Covo da Bandeira Palace, Old English Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal, on October 1

-2010 Launching of the book "O Brú Pessoal" at the Museu Martins Sarmento in Guimarães, October 15

-2010 Launching of the book «The Personal Brush» at the Literary Club of Porto on December 17

-2011 Launch of the Biographical Video in Vieira do Minho on March 26th by Mestre Adelino Ângelo

-2011 - Launching of the Biographical Video at the Assembleia de Guimarães on April 29th by Master Adelino Ângelo.

Books with illustrations of his paintings:

* "Book of Dream", by Joaquim Ferreira da Silva;

* "Cuttings", by Dr. Aurélio Fernando in 2000;

* "Devourist", by Sérgio Mourão in 1997;

* "Thoughts", by Dr. Aurélio Fernando;

* "At the dawn of Theology", by Dr. Aurélio Fernando in 1990;

* "Salazar", by Prof. Dr. Torquato de Sousa Soares in 1987;

With an introductory study by His Excellency Reverend Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva, Bishop of Fatima in 1997;

* "40 Years of Poetry", by Dr. Aurélio Fernando in 1992;

* "Solar Poetry", by Dr. Aurelino Costa in 1992;

* "Accounts to Life" by Dr. Aurélio Fernando in 1997;

* "The Gospel of Jesus Christ according to poetry", by Dr. Aurélio Fernando in 1996;

* "At the root of time", by Dr. Aurelino Costa in 2000;

* "Between Portuguese in the world without borders - Homage to Maria Lamas in 2012;

* "Golden Book of the Municipality of Cantanhede" in 2015.